Festivities of Campo de Criptana

Festivities of Campo de Criptana

- Ferias y Fiestas: Campo de Criptana celebrates its annual town celebrations from the 23rd to the 28th August. There, numerous events, such as popular night parties, shows, tournaments and activities are taken in place during the day to make these celebrations special for everyone. You can also go dancing and have a drink.

- Patron saint festivals: The patron saint festivals of particular importance are celebrated to honour the Sma. Virgen de Criptana, which is held the Easter Monday, and Smo. Cristo de Villajos, whose festivity is the first Thursday in August.

- Events: 12 Vientos, 12 Aventuras. Twelve are the prevailing winds and the small windows of each “Giant” to identify them. Twelve adventures we purpose to live intensely our land.

- International Music Festival “Tierra de Gigantes”: It started in 2005 and have continued until the present day due to its success. The entire people, its sponsors, the hundreds of volunteers who collaborated to charitable causes, made the organisation of this event possible every year. Important national musical artists such as Luis Cobos, who has directed this festival since its inception, the violinist Ara Malikian, the soprano Pilar Jurado, García Asensio, Pedro Iturraalde, María Dolores Pradera, Rafael Amargo, Pasion Vega, Miguel Ríos, Rosana, etc., have participated and received their well-deserved Quixote Award.

More festivities:

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