Information about Cookies

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file downloaded on a computer or any other device used by the user when navigating certain websites, in order to store and retrieve information regarding the navigation on that computer.

This allows us to improve the navigability and accessibility of the user in our website, thus helping us improve the quality of our service.

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Viñasoro uses cookies with the following purposes:

  • Strictly necessary: Session or register, which aims to manage the user's register to the system or to provide services to the registered user.
  • Analytical cookies: Para el seguimiento y análisis de los usuarios que nos visitan y asi poder ofrecer mejor navegabilidad a nuestra web.

Information about Cookies

Why should I allow cookies?

  • You will get a better experience in our web site.
  • Son necesarios para cualquier registro de clientes, compra online, o para mostrar a los clientes información necesaria para cualquier iteración cliente-web.
Information about Cookies

What happens if I cancel cookies?

  • Se podría incurrir en un mal funcionamiento de la iteración cliente-web.
  • Podría impedir la mejorar de la accesibilidad y navegabilidad de ciertas funcionalidades realizadas exclusivamente para mejorar la calidad de servicio a los clientes.<br>
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In Viñasoro, cookies are used to improve the user's online experience. If you continue to browse, we consider you accept the use of cookies.
You can obtain further information in our Cookies policy.