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Hotel Château Viñasoro: You will feel at home

Hotel Château Viñasoro arises from the enthusiasm and effort of creating a dream place to enjoy a unique experience, in the heart of La Mancha. The never-ending vineyards of the landscape that surrounds it make of it a place to enjoy senses.

Thanks to our wine environment, you will be able to enjoy a wine-tourism experience by diving into the deepest flavour that characterises this region. You will enjoy commented wine tastings on after discovering the most charming winery of the area.

Passionate about detail, we take great care of every of the rooms of our Hotel, as well as of the taste of the products of our area, always present at our Restaurant, which will make your life a unique experience.

Wine. Life. Viñasoro


Iconos Viñasoro

The exquisite gastronomy of Castilla-La Mancha is nationally known. At our restaurant, you will be able to taste delicious dishes prepared with fresh and quality products of this region. Imagine all of this in a unique environment, with a menu full of delicious suggestions and an excellent service.


Iconos Viñasoro

How about enjoying wonderful views while you rest at home? In our Hotel, you can enjoy the comfort and wellness of our rooms. Our service will accompany you in everything you need to make your stay pleasant, while you enjoy the relaxation offered by each of our rooms.


Iconos Viñasoro

Enjoy La Mancha environment walking through our winery. Explore our winery with your senses enjoying its history and its essence that will conquer you, introducing you to a world full of wine flavours and fragrances.


Iconos Viñasoro

Our clients' illusion is our best tool to work with. Celebrate your special events in a unique and unrepeatable way. You will have a team of professionals who will advise you at all times, adapting to your needs. They will be as you have always dreamed.

Iconos Viñasoro
Hotel Château Viñasoro


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