Visit the Winery

Visit the Winery

The visit to Viñasoro Winery, in Alcázar de San Juan, ensures learning on wine production and properties. You will visit the different parts of the Winery, where the wine is produced, understanding each part of the process while visiting each one of the rooms; grape reception area, tanks room, barrel cellar, bottling area, capsules placing room, etc.

If you visit our winery and know our wine elaboration process, you will possible want to taste our wines, that's why we offer you our wine tasting room, one of the best in Castilla La-Mancha, with a capacity for 54 people, which attaches great importance to the wine.

Discovering the secrets of the wine families is possible if you visit Viñasoro Winery. By prior appointment only. Fill in the information form if you desire more information.

Hotel Château Viñasoro

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