Visit de winery

Visit de winery

Founded in 2005, the innovative winery of Hotel Château Viñasoro has contemporary characteristics and the traditional essence of near populations, their people and their traditions. The great taste and the elegance are two of the features of our winery.

Placed among the vineyards on the surroundings of Alcázar de San Juan, in the province of Ciudad Real, it offers a perfect location by maintaining the landscape as the main essence to preserve the scents and fragrances of wine, building its own horizon, thus taking you into a unique environment.

A winery inside the Hotel, like a scent inside pleasure. Great essences of La Mancha that will conquer you and get you into a new world plenty of wine fragrances.

The visit to Viñasoro Winery ensures learning about wine elaboration and its properties. Visualising the different parts of the winery, where wine is elaborated, makes it easier to understand it. You will witness at first hand the process undergone by our wines for their creation, going through each one of the rooms involved in the process.

If you visit our winery and know our process of wine elaboration, you will be interested in tasting our wines. Therefore, we offer you the possibility of doing so. Are you going to miss the opportunity? Book now your place to enjoy a wine tasting at our winery.

Hotel Château Viñasoro


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