Spa - relax - Hotel Château Viñasoro

Spa - relax - Hotel Château Viñasoro

A spa in a hotel is essential to ensure the comfort and deep rest. The spa-relax in Hotel Château Viñasoro, in Alcázar de San Juan, invites its customers to enjoy the sauna and the jacuzzi to relax and get away from worries.

Viñasoro Spa-relax has large windows to merge your comfort with the calmness and serenity of the countryside of La Mancha. The nature surrounds you giving you a break in your stay.

When talking about rest and calm, in Hotel Château Viñasoro, it is inevitable not to mention the spa-relax facilities in Alcázar de San Juan, which have sauna and jacuzzi and where you may find the rest you need to free body and mind from the stresses of everyday life. The room rate includes a bonus for 30 minutes in our relax room (open on Friday and Saturday).

Hotel Château Viñasoro

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