Structogam and triogam Courses

People with no skills to influence people, see how they cannot handle efficiently daily business situations: solve a problem, sell an idea, obtain recourses and support, etc.


This way, you will be able to improve your relations with internal and external customers as well as colleagues; take quick and better decisions, achieve a higher impact in your business environment; have a higher success while training and motivating your personnel; perform projects with fewer problems and in less time.
As a result of the Structogam and Triogam course, you will be skilled to: influence people without using hierarchical authority, achieve a proper balance between the objectives and the protection of social relations, know motivation models, learn to diagnose influence situations and determine the influence styles and the strategies to apply, etc.

It is a course to teach different styles to influence people without using hierarchical authority and achieve a proper balance and efficiency.

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